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LBC Listserv instructions

Page history last edited by Bethany Kennedy 8 years, 4 months ago

Hello LibraryBiz Connect Participants:


Great news! The LibraryBiz Connect email group has been updated and access is now open for all active participants to send email directly to everybody active in the group using the address lbc@aadl.org. Please note that this address is slightly different from the one we were using before, so you’ll want to update your records and you will also want to remove the old address from any auto-fill features in your email (i.e., email sent to lbc@lists.aadl.org will not go through.)


As a reminder, this email group has been set up for local Small Business and Entrepreneur support service providers to share information about resources, events, meetings, or to ask for resources, recommendations, and assistance when needed. Anytime you have something to share or have a question for the group, you can email lbc@aadl.org directly – one easy step!


The fact that you’re receiving this email means that your email address is already active with lbc@aadl.org.


Messages sent out to the group will appear in your inbox as coming from: lbc@aadl.org.


AADL will take responsibility for managing the list of recipients and will send the list out upon request when/if anybody is interested in knowing who is receiving lbc@aadl.org emails.


If you know someone who would like to be added to the list, please have them contact Katie Chynoweth at chynowethk@aadl.org.


Likewise, if you’d like to be removed from this list at anytime, you may also email Katie Chynoweth at chynowethk@aadl.org


Attached is the current list of recipients of lbc@aadl.org emails. If you’re information needs updating, please let Katie know.


Our goal in making this available to local small business and entrepreneur support service providers is to create a streamlined communication tool to facilitate greater awareness of these services and resources in the community and in turn, greater efficacy in the delivery of those services.

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